Porridge cakes

One if the hardest foods to try get my Mr B to eat is porridge. We all know oats have fantastic health benefits and is a great breakfast food but because we don’t spoon feed, it’s been really hard to figure out how to get them in him.
We have tried different ways to do this and have found a few variations but today we tried these porridge cakes .
We didn’t use her all of recipes but the base gave us a good starting point.
I made three variations so that Mr B still got his usual amount of fruit for breakfast (although I did give him a kiwi to eat as we had to wait for the cakes to cool).


Base recipe:
3 Tbs Oats
3Tbs Milk (we used Almond milk)
Mix the oats and milk and let them soak up the milk a little, then add the rest of the ingredients.
Pop them into the oven at 180deg for about 15 min. This will bring the cakes together but still leave the inside moist and porridgy.

Banana porridge cakes:

3 tbs Oats
2 tbs milk
1/2 mashed banana
1 tbs coconut

Apple cinnamon cakes:

3 tbs Oats
2 tbs milk
1 grated apple
1tsp cinnamon

Berry cakes:

3 tbs Oats
3 tbs milk
Handful berries

Ours made about 12 (4 of each flavour).

Enjoy xx


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