Vinegar solution recipe

No don’t worry I’m not advocating giving Mr B vinegar to drink. I’m actually talking about our homemade and safe surface cleaner.
We have one of those Ikea high chairs, you know the one everyone else has that is bright white and pretty easy to clean. But since we have been doing BLW and it’s impossible to give Mr B a bowl or plate of any sort I really hated the idea of using the store bought surface sprays to keep his chair clean. So instead I use the simple recipe below and a cleaned out old surface spray bottle, vinegar and water and what success. Keeps his high chair so clean I now use it on every surface in our house.

(We use this one for his high chair and I use straight vinegar for really stubborn stains)
1/2 c water
1/2 c white vinegar

Mix it all together in a 500ml (told you it was easy)! Let us know if you have another safe mixture you use.

Enjoy xx