Our darling son was born on the 17th March 2013. From the moment he was born I knew I didn’t want to just do what was mainstream. Not because I wanted to be different but because I didn’t feel comfortable just following the herd (so to speak).
From the moment I knew we were pregnant I started to do research on common “methods” of raising children, from the cry it out method to spoon feeding our baby. The more I researched the more I noticed that as parents In this day and age we are overrun with information. There are too many options on how we raise our children, so many in fact that nothing we seem to do is right. If you spoon feed your child, someone will tell you that you aren’t helping them develop there fine motor skills; if you feed them off your plate; someone will tell you that you are giving then to much salt or processed foods and if you don’t prepare their food a certain way; you are just plain doing it wrong.

So we made a decision, and that decision was to follow our instincts and listen to what our baby wants in every way.
At 4 months old we were advised to start feeding him puréed food. He loved putting the spoon in his mouth. But nothing went down… There was no texture to his foods, we couldn’t explain what he was eating to him because it had no shape or real colour and it seemed strange and stressful to try figure out if he had enough or not because he just spat everything out. We stopped! He didn’t enjoy and neither did we.
A friend of mine told me about Baby Led Weaning and I had heard of it through the mummy grapevine before and it just made sense to us. You are letting your child learn, understand and build a healthy relationship with food. You aren’t stressing about if they have had enough to eat because babies have a natural instinct to stop when full and will just stop eating. But more importantly for us, our son loves it, he eats with us so he learns how to chew and mimic our eating habits. We enjoy meals together as a family so he watches my husband and I interact and patiently talk to each other about our days. He tries everything we put in front of him and very rarely does he spit anything out!

So I started this blog to help out those who have decided to venture into this journey of the baby led weaning method. Please feel free to comment, ask us questions or just enjoy our recipes 🙂


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