Stewed Apples

If you have been following our Facebook page before we started this website, you may remember our failed attempt at baked cinnamon apples.
They were dry and took forever to bake (which if you have a baby you know isn’t ideal). I had a few porridge cakes left over from yesterday and thought it would be a good opportunity to try stewing some apples instead of baking them. Success they came out so tasty, a little bit sticky and syrupy and Mr B loved them!


Cut an apple into eight pieces.
Pour enough water into a small pot so it just covers the bottom and is about half way up the side of the apples
Mix a tsp of cinnamon into the water and place the apple slices in the pot.
Bring it the boil or until the apples are just soft but not falling apart yet.
I’m sure you would do this anyway but break an apple slice in half before giving to your baby as they stay incredibly hot in the middle.

Enjoy xx


Broccoli and Asparagus Impossible Pie

This is another one of those go to meals in our home, especially when I don’t have time to make something or I want to use up extra veggies. You can basically substitute any of the veggie ingredients and it should still come out great (hence the name, it’s impossible to get it wrong).
I must admit we have been trying to keep Mr B from having too much dairy, in fact I never use it in his homemade meals but I wanted to change up the original recipe and leave out the wheat flour, so I thought I would leave out one ingredient at a time. Next time I make it I will try a dairy free version instead. Oh and I should mention we have a Bellini, which is the cheaper version of the Thermomix, so if you don’t have either of those you can try make this in a food processor or just grate the vegetables and mix it all up in an ordinary bowl.


1/2 c flour (I used spelt)
1/2 c butter (really soft or melted)
4 eggs
1 c milk
1 c cream
1/2 c grated cheese
1 tsp Mixed herbs
Any veg you like, we used: 1/2 capsicum, 1 tomato, 1 carrot, half head broccoli, bunch of asparagus

In the Bellini (food processor, thermie or grated) blend the capsicum, carrot and the tomato on sp 5 for 5 sec.
Meanwhile chop up the broccoli and asparagus into nice chunks and add to the bowl, mix on sp 2 for 5 sec
Scrape down the sides and add the rest of the ingredients and mix on 1 for 1 min.
Pour it into a greased pie dish, sprinkle with a handful of cheese if you want and bake at 180 deg for 40 minutes.

If you have any questions about cooking with the Bellini, please feel free to ask us and we will try our best to help you out 🙂
Enjoy xx

Porridge cakes

One if the hardest foods to try get my Mr B to eat is porridge. We all know oats have fantastic health benefits and is a great breakfast food but because we don’t spoon feed, it’s been really hard to figure out how to get them in him.
We have tried different ways to do this and have found a few variations but today we tried these porridge cakes .
We didn’t use her all of recipes but the base gave us a good starting point.
I made three variations so that Mr B still got his usual amount of fruit for breakfast (although I did give him a kiwi to eat as we had to wait for the cakes to cool).


Base recipe:
3 Tbs Oats
3Tbs Milk (we used Almond milk)
Mix the oats and milk and let them soak up the milk a little, then add the rest of the ingredients.
Pop them into the oven at 180deg for about 15 min. This will bring the cakes together but still leave the inside moist and porridgy.

Banana porridge cakes:

3 tbs Oats
2 tbs milk
1/2 mashed banana
1 tbs coconut

Apple cinnamon cakes:

3 tbs Oats
2 tbs milk
1 grated apple
1tsp cinnamon

Berry cakes:

3 tbs Oats
3 tbs milk
Handful berries

Ours made about 12 (4 of each flavour).

Enjoy xx

Rice Pasta with Bolognese sauce.

One of our definite go-to meals is Spag-Bol. My husband loves it, it’s easy to make and it’s fun and messy for Mr B.

Obviously you can just make this however you like, but here is our recipe for those of you who want it 🙂



1 onion
2 cloves of garlic
590g mince
1cup of peas and sweetcorn
1cup courgettes
1cup mushrooms
1can diced tomatoes
1tsp rosemary

Dice up your onion and garlic and fry it with the rosemary till cooked through.
Add your mince and brown it.
Add all your veggies and the can of tomatoes and simmer until they are all cooked through.

Serve on a bed of rice pasta. We only use rice pasta in our home because we are trying to eliminate any gluten based products from our diet but of course any pasta will do.

Enjoy xx